Kendrick Lamar And J Cole Album Release Date Is Near As ?Untitled Unmastered? Reaches The Market

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Kendrick Lamar and J Cole album is expected to be released soon. Because Kendrick Lamar is giving a lot of surprises to his fans for almost a week now. Last Thursday he launched his music album ??Untitled Unmastered? and it was an unexpected gift for Kendrick fans.

After winning 5 Grammys Kendrick became so?involved with his fan’s world. A couple of days before Kendrick organized a contest for his fans, the ?untitled unmastered? lyric contest was announced on Twitter. Fans had to answer 8 questions to win a t-shirt, hat & backpack. Kendrick Lamar posted this on his Facebook Page.

Making use of the right time, fans asked him about the Kendrick- Cole project. Though he has not responded to them, it was visible that it’s high time for Kendrick to launch the album. Kendrick gave another happy news just before few hours. Now, his new project ?Untitled Unmastered? is available for purchase!?

Top Dawg Entertainment has also given the official notification that fans can grab the physical copies of ?Untitled Unmastered? at all Best Buy, Target and FYE stores. The album was released on the digital platform last week. Earlier LeBron James asked TDE to release the unheard tracks of ?To Pimp A Butterfly?.

?Yo @dangerookipawaa after that @kendricklamar Grammy performance, you have to release those untitled tracks asap!!! What?s up? Talk to me,? LeBron James tweeted, according to Complex. Responding him, TDE President admitted that many fans are asking the same and he also asked for some time to think. Without disappointing the fans Kendrick released ?Untitled Unmastered?.

According to Billboard, ?Untitled Unmastered? will grab the top rank on Billboard 200 chart in this week. ??The top 10 of the new March 26-dated Billboard 200 chart (where Lamar is aiming for No. 1) is scheduled to be revealed on Billboard?s websites on Sunday, March 13,? Billboard disclosed. Now the question is what?will be Kendrick?s next album? Since Kendrick released a solo project, his next one would be a ?joint project. Do you think so? Post your comments below.

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