Kendrick Lamar And J. Cole Album In November: Here?s Why?

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Kendrick Lamar And J Cole

Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole album may come out in November. Following a previous trend, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole had released their song ?Black Friday? in November 2015. They may launch the joint album to mark the anniversary of ?Black Friday?. Fans will be extremely happy if this speculation is going to be true.

Kendrick Lamar?s sister Kayla Duckworth had accidently revealed about the joint album while showing her support to ?Black Friday?. Kayla wrote that ?Collab drop Feb 16?. So, the fans thought that Collab will come out in February. However, it did not happen. Later that post was removed.

In fact, fans really enjoyed ?Black Friday?. Kendrick Lamar tried Cole?s A Tale Of 2 Citiez in his style whereas J. Cole gave a big shock to fans by singing Lamar?s ?Alright?. ?Both of them released their songs with the same title ?Black Friday?. In his version of Black Friday, J. Cole had some lyrics like ?When you and K. Dot shit dropping? / Bitch never, they can?t handle two black niggas this clever / But this February, bet shit get scary when I fuck around and drop.?

The album was expected during the Christmas season. However, fans were again left to be disappointed. According to DJ Booth, a Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole album is not a good idea. Due to the fact that these two rappers got success by following two different styles. They may have to merge two different styles in order to make a joint album, and it will be risky. Of course! They deal with similar themes, but the angles of approach is different. Kendrick is known for complicated lyrics. He will highlight one?s own beliefs and prejudices. Both the rappers focus on various social issues. However, J. Cole?s lines are always simple.

Some fans are calling the album ?Reminiscing?. A fan called Tommies S had created a cover art for Kendrick-Cole album. TDE President Dave Free has said that joint album will not happen overnight. It will take more time and energy.

?Everything?s a possibility, but Ima say this, too, Kendrick and Cole are in a place in their careers and in their lives where they have to keep going. Of course, they?re two of the biggest rappers out, but they still have to keep grinding. There?s so much work that they have to continue to do? Dave Free said.

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