Kenan & Kel Comeback Video: Duo Makes Short Sketch Of Nostalgic ?Good Burger? Scene?, Makes Social Media Rounds

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The hilarious pair of Kenan & Kel reunited for an unconventional comeback on ?The Tonight Show.? Jimmy Fallon had a fantastic idea of bringing back Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell to a short sketch of a nostalgic ?Good Burger? scene so maybe Kenan & Kel will have another fantastic idea and bring back ?Good Burger? to a real show.

At the start of the video, Jimmy Fallon reminisced about his first job at an unlikely local fast food restaurant. ?I love hosting this show, it?s the best job I?ve ever had but I do have a soft spot for my first job, back in ?the ?90s when I worked at a local fast food restaurant,? Fallon shared. He then goes on and stares to the audience like he remembers something. ?In fact, I remember it like it was yesterday,? Fallon said flashing back to a ?Good Burger? sketch.

In the sketch from ?The Tonight Show,? Kel reprised his role as Ed, the hilarious Good Burger employee, who?s now a manager at the restaurant working with Jimmy Fallon. After messing up the orders of Steve Higgins and Black Thought, a certain ?All That? character named Lester Oaks, construction worker, entered through the door that made an unlikely reunion.

?Welcome to Good Burger home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?? Watching those awesome words right out of that mouth made the Kenan and Kel reunion worth it. Words can?t express how we and the ?90s Nickelodeon children appreciate the reunion but we hope we won?t see the last of them.

According to the Verge, after the show ?All That? ended, Kenan Thompson joined the cast of ?Saturday Night Live,? while Kel didn?t actively pursue his acting career, which ?more or less faded into obscurity,? shared by the Verge.

Here?s the behind-the-scene video of Ed and Lester Oaks, construction worker:


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