Kemono Friends Anime Release Date, Plot, Cast: First Promo Video Confirms January Release

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Nexon’s Kemono Friends smartphone game is set to have?an anime adaptation and fans are arguably excited. The project just released its first promo video, which of course got fans even more excited.?The clip announced Kemono Friends anime?s voice cast.

Some of the confirmed cast members for the anime adaptation include Kana Motomiya. She will play a role named Fennec. Saki Ono is also part of the cast as Common Raccoon. Mikoi Sasaki will appear as Royal Penguin. Ruka Nemoto will play Emperor Penguin.

The game also has a manga adaptation. It is titled “Kemono Friends -Youkoso JAPARI Park he!-“. Fly takes care of the manga?s illustration. The said manga series has been serialized in Kadokawa’s Monthly Shonen Ace magazine. Its first issue was released in July 2015.

YAOYOROZU produce the full 3DCG anime adaptation. It is under the direction of Tatsuki, who is best known for helming Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono animation.

Mine Yoshizaki is the game’s concept designer. He is also part of the anime. He is in charge of the same task for the upcoming Kemono Friends anime.

Kemono Friends Release Date

The 30-second first promo video also announced the premiere date for the highly anticipated anime adaptation. Fans do not have to wait long as January 2017 is the release date set for Kemono Friends anime. It will air on TV Tokyo and other stations.

The said anime adaptation will reportedly run for 12 episodes. It will have a live-action too. It is expected that the anime will strictly follow the story from the game and manga.

A?gigantic integrated zoo called Japari Park is the setting of the story. The animals in the zoo transformed into human-shaped creatures that are called Animal Girls.

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