Keijo Season 2: Why There Will Be No Second Season Anytime Soon

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The butt hitting, chest smashing gambling sport anime has finally reached its season finale. Now the question is, will the series be worthy enough to have a Keijo season 2 release this year?

Keijo season 2 looks to be having a slim chance in debuting in the near future. The anime?s fanbase in Japan is not big when compared to the huge followers of other sports-themed anime like Yuri on Ice,?which will definitely have a second season.

One of the deciding factors for an anime to get a second season?is the sales that the series has made on DVD or Blu-Ray. According to a recent prediction poll from ?someanithing,? the Keijo series has a very minimal first week sale compared to the first week sales of Yuri on Ice.

Another thing to consider is that the ongoing manga for this series is still on its 160 plus chapters. Since the first season of Keijo has already tackled around 90 plus chapters of the manga, this means there’s minimal material to use for the anime. These would not be enough to compensate another season anytime soon.

What the series can do so far is to make OAVs and side stories of the main characters. These are usually the parts that they deleted in the show that is originally included in the manga. This technique is also used for several episodes of the hit anime series Naruto. This is done?when the anime has caught up with the manga release.

Having increased renue for?the Keijo franchise is also a good way to guarantee a second season. Selling other items like?limited edition shirts, collectibles and other Keijo-themed materials can also help with the ?series?s continuation. Increased Keijo sales equals increased chance for a new season.

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If profits for the abovementioned anime series would further increase, then fans can look forward to Keijo season 2. Stay tuned to The BitBag for?the latest news on your favorite anime shows.?

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