Keijo Episode 7 Spoilers and Episode 6 Recap: Mio Kusakai Versus Nozomi?

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Keijo Episode 7 Spoilers and Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6, the ?Alluring Kyoto?, brings our aspiring Keijo athletes to Kyoto for a training camp. Pro players are assigned to be instructors and so we finally get to see the difference between them and amateurs. Nozomi gets shaken. Here is a recap of episode 6 and spoilers for Keijo episode 7.

Pro Players

The girls arrive in Kyoto and are grouped according to their fighting style. Nozomi joins the in-fighters namely, Mio, Hanabi, and Atsuko.

As the group does their morning jog, an average jogger passess them. This hurts their pride and they try to outrun her. Not one of them is able to catch up to this mysterious jogger. Surprisingly, Kobayakawa – sensei introduces this jogger as Kyoko Shirayuki, a Keijo pro-player. Shirayuki will be one of the trainers during this training camp.

The next day, the in-fighters begin their first day with Shirayuki. The pro-player states that they will be engaging in a trial match with her. This will be the fastest way to get to know them and what they lack. Nozomi is the first one to challenge Shirayuki.

Nozomi attacks and gives her all. However, Shirayuki easily dodges. Nozomi then tries out her Vacuum Butt Canon but stops midway and Shirayuki counters with an Anal Probe Missile that sends the student out of the ring.

Shirayuki says that Nozomi needs to pay attention to her body and find out her weakness.

In Keijo episode 7, expect Mio, Hanabi, and Atsuko to lose against Shirayuki as well.

Keijo Episode 7 Spoilers and Episode 6 Recap

Nozomi will surely take her defeat to heart and will practice as much as she can. In the manga, Mio approaches her while she practices her Hip Bullet to pull out the turnip. Mio attempts this Keijo episode 7. Will the two fight it out on the next episode? Find out on Keijo episode 7!

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