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Cleaning has never been safe and easy as these eco-friendly products

Freshen your home without harsh chemicals using these eco-friendly household products

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We’re made to believe that the harsher and stronger the chemicals are in the cleaning products, the better. But in reality, chemicals and other toxic ingredients are not the only ingredients available to maintain a clean home. There are clean and safe products not just for you, but for the environment too. Good thing companies are changing for the better, and this one thinks differently and is aiming to be plastic-free by 2025 — the Grove Collaborative.

Grove Collaborative is an online retail store that offers healthy and non-toxic home and personal care products. They have a customizable subscription service that delivers curated cleaning supplies, household products, and other essentials directly to their customers. These products are earth-changing and sustainably made for a healthy home and planet.

Grove Collaborative carries multiple brands that meet their strict standard: uncompromisingly healthy, beautifully effective, sustainably produced, and cruelty-free. 

Eco-friendly products

Grove Collaborative empowers sustainable living without compromise. They are mindful of the environment and human health. From cleaning supplies and hand soap to vitamins and body wash, every product they carry and produced is non-toxic, 100% cruelty-free, has plant-based formulas, comes from ethical supply chains, and is made from sustainable materials.


How this subscription works?

You’re in control of your product subscriptions. When you order a product from Grove, they will add it to your cart again at a smart frequency. You’ll see the subscription frequency below each product in your cart. For instance, most people need dishwasher detergent every month but only need new dryer balls every six months. By managing your Grove products, you have the essentials you need, right when you need them, so you never run out of supply.

Explore Grove Co. in the App

Grove Co thinks of a user’s convenience, too. With the Grove Co App, you are able to experience the best of Grove, like exclusive VIP events, back-in-stock notifications, waitlists for in-demand products, and early access to new products. The app also makes it especially easy and convenient to manage your customizable Grove subscription orders.

Promoting green doesn’t mean compromising cleanliness, because these clean and eco-friendly products can be at par with ordinary ones that sting. There are a lot of environmentally safe cleaning products that are effectively working, like Grove Co. And with Grove Collaborative, your hands and nose don’t need to suffer to maintain a clean and safe environment for your family.