Keeping Your Phone Happy: How To Save More Memory on Your Phone

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Is your phone lacking memory again? Is it running too slow? Here are some tips you can do to save more memory on your phone:


1. Move apps to your SD card.

Installing and using several apps on your phone is what uses up all the RAM space. Try moving as many apps as you can to your SD card to save more space. This will not only free RAM space, but will also speed up your phone?s performance.

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2. Choose your apps.

Do not install apps which take up too much space in your phone. Use apps which use less RAM memory. Uninstall those you do not use frequently.


3. Clear your browser cache.

The standard Android browser keeps its cache in the phone?s internal memory. We don?t want that taking up all your memory space so just go into your phone?s settings it clear it up.


4. Stop automatic updates.

Apps go over changes as their developers innovate new and more features for them. Changes mean updates. Updates may mean more memory space. Some updates are automatically done by your phone without you noticing it so the best way to prevent this is again to set up your phone and turn off automatic updates. Always opt to manually update your apps so you can decide which apps are actually useful to you.


5. Do not use live wallpapers.

Live wallpapers may take up more space so it is better to use static ones. They may add visual beauty to your phone but it is more advisable to find equally beautiful stationary wallpapers that do not cost much of your RAM.


6. Disable Auto Sync.

Sync contacts, dates and accounts to your phone manually. Leaving them automatically synched will, of course, take up unnecessary space.


7. Do not use too many widgets.

Too much widgets on your gadget?s screen does not only make it look messy; they also equate to more internal memory. Remove those widgets and your device will run smoothly again.


These are just some of the few things you can do to prevent your apps from crashing and your phone from slowing down. Always keep your phone free from excess memory to keep you and your gadget happy.

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