Keep your unborn baby protected from wireless radiation with this organic anti-radiation blanket

This blanket is the ultimate solution to the health risks associated with harmful radiation

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Living in a world dominated by technology can make it hard to stay away from radiation-emitting electronic devices such as televisions, smartphones, tablets and the like. This is especially true when you’re a wireless-gadget addict. But being addicted to screens can be an entirely different story when you’re pregnant as too much exposure to radiation can be detrimental to your unborn child.

Several studies explain how radiation affects how a baby’s cells grow, their brain function and replication of DNA. This fact may be enough to get you worried but the good news is, there’s finally a solution to this dilemma – RadiaSmart’s Natural Organic Anti-radiation Blanket.

What is RadiaSmart’s Natural Organic Anti-radiation Blanket

RadiaSmart’s Natural Organic Anti-radiation Blanket provides every pregnant mother an excellent way to protect their baby from wireless radiation. This blanket is designed with premium-quality baby soft-organic cotton with the reliable protection of silver radiation shielding fabric.

How does it work?

This anti-radiation blanket works by blocking the radiation coming from wireless devices such as cellphones, laptops and similar devices. It guarantees 99% effectiveness as it is tested by accredited labs. See video to understand how radiation shielding works.

Why should I choose RadiaSmart’s Natural Organic Anti-radiation Blanket

While RadiaSmart’s Natural Organic Anti-radiation Blanket works to protect you and your baby from wireless radiation, it also offers comfort as it is made of organic cotton. It is soft and fluffy which makes it a perfect bedtime buddy for when you want to get curled up in bed or laying comfortably on a couch with your iPad on your lap.

Gone are the days when you have to worry about wireless radiation affecting your little one. You can now have peace of mind while enjoying your devices and waiting for your little one to finally say hello to the world!