Keep your stress level low and experience better sleep with these soft oral supplements

These gels are all-organic, so they’re harmless and safe for regular use

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Lucky are those who can manage their stress very well. However, some adults come to a point where pressure becomes intolerable. But thanks to Equilibria, everyone can now have calm minds and deep nights of sleep.


Lying down on your bed might not always be enough to relax from a long hustle. The Equilibria Daily Softgels can be your partner towards stress relief and quality sleep. These supplements are CBD-infused, a substance known to address anxiety and relieve insomnia. CBD also helps in the treatment of some health concerns like chronic pains.


You don’t have to worry whether these gels induce harmful effects on your body. Equilibria come with an all-organic combination of ingredients. It’s gluten-free, non-GMO, and hand-harvested.


These soft gels incorporate with any routine easily. You can take it during your morning tea or right before going to bed. For best results, take these consistently.

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