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Keep your skin glowing and protected against stress and aging with this CBD-infused moisturizer

This CBD product is sure to elevate your skincare routine

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In case you haven’t noticed, CBD products have been taking the world by storm and it isn’t hard to understand why. CBD products are known to provide a wide variety of benefits without getting you “high”. From supplements, sleeping aids, bath bombs and now to skin care products, CBD products have increasingly become a daily essential.

Speaking of skincare, CBD skin care products are known to offer moisturizing benefits to keep skin young, healthy and glowing. And if you’re looking for the best CBD product to add to your nightly routine, this Look Alive CBD Face Moisturizer should definitely make it to the list.

Look Alive CBD Face Moisturizer is formulated to keep your skin shielded from stress and aging. It is formulated to serve as your moisture barrier so that the normal stresses of daily life can’t keep wreaking havoc on your skin.

What’s nice about this moisturizer is that it has the ability to keep your skin healthy from the inside out by putting back the essentials you may have misplaced along the way – you know when you lacked sleep for a few days, or you got too busy with the laundry or just didn’t get the chance to relax and feel yourself.

Why choose this CBD moisturizer?
This CBD moisturizer is sure to keep your skin healthy and alive-looking without leaving it dull and dry because it is powered by Avocado Oil,  Hyaluronic  Acid and Full Spectrum  CBD. It is your best defense against old, dry and dull-looking skin, and here’s why:

  • CBD provides added soothing and calms skin.
  • Avocado Oil is a nutrient dense oil rich in omega 6 & 9 fatty acids. It’s great for softening skin and acts like a hydrating hug locking in good ingredients.
  • Contains four types of hyaluronic acids which create a sponge-like matrix that fills skin with moisture for bouncy, hydrated skin.
  • Bisabolol + Ginger Blend is a combination that possesses antioxidant properties and provides skin with a more even tone, combatting the appearance of redness.
And if you’re asking about the ingredients, don’t worry because the ingredients are 100% safe and vegan and they’re safe to use around the eyes. Now if you want to give your skin some TLC and make it look fabulous without the feel of greasiness, this CBD moisturizer is definitely worth a try!

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