Keep your pets hydrated with fresh and clean water using this automatic water dispenser

Now saving your furry companion from thirst has never been more convenient

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Other than the possibility of leaving the house unlocked, some adults also tend to worry about their four-legged kids. They might be starving, lonely, or thirsty, and no one knows. Things like these tend to catch your focus on what you are doing. With that, let me share one product that will give you peace of mind and confidence in leaving your pets at home.

Do you want to have one too? Here’s TikTech’s Pet Water Fountain, the best way to keep your pets from thirst.

The TikTech’s pet water fountain is not like the usual water fountain you see, not even the pet bowl you have at home. This product is a fusion of automatic water dispensers and pet feeders. TikTech aims to ensure that your pets have enough supply of fresh drinking water, wherever you are. Using this product will not only give you peace of mind but a ton of convenience as well.

How does it work?
All you have to do is prepare water of around 2.5L. Pour it on the fountain bowl, plug it in, and the water will begin its cycle on the device. Water comes out of the fountain once its level on the bowl goes below the minimum volume and cuts once it reaches the appropriate level. So, it’ll take a few hours until you’ll have to refill.

What more features does it have?
  • 3-level filtration system
  • Quietly operating
  • Self-cleaning
  • Ultra-low center of gravity
  • 5-second disassembly time
  • Dual-zone design

What if water gets in the electronics?

This pet water feeder only uses a 5V supply to operate. This voltage level is safe enough for your pets. So, there’s no need to worry about your pets suffering electrocution.

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