Keep your little one hydrated while playing and having fun with this interactive water bottle

This tumbler can help your child build healthy habits while enjoying a playful lifestyle

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Just like adults, young kids also need to stay hydrated all the time. Not only is water essential for our survival. It’s also crucial to our physical, as well as our mental wellbeing. And what better way is there to encourage your little one to increase their daily water intake than by giving them something that will not only build healthy habits but also something fun and exciting?

Get all these amazing benefits in the form of one interactive water bottle! Meet Gululu!


What is Gululu?

Gululu is an interactive water bottle that helps your child stay hydrated and lets them enjoy other long-lasting health benefits including an enhanced mood, better sleep and improved cognition and concentration.

How does Gululu work?

Gululu works by helping kids build healthy habits through its custom-designed app, digital pets and educational game content. Your child can choose their favorite whimsical pet they’ll go through their journey with while they play and stay connected with other friends!

And while your child uses the bottle, an app keeps track of their water intake and provides you with the information through an app. This way, you can keep tabs on your child’s hydration level and ensure they’re drinking enough water based on the recommendations for their age.

Gululu believes in transforming healthy habits through play into healthy living for a lifetime. Here are some of the essential benefits your child can enjoy from Gululu:

  • Smart made fun
  • Quality companionship
  • Learning through play
  • Power of storytelling
Now getting your child to drink more water will no longer have to be a struggle with this one of a kind, interactive water bottle!