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Keep your fur baby healthy from day one by signing up for Wagmo Wellness membership

Unlike a typical insurance, Wagmo Wellness reimburses you for all the routine care you do for your pets annually

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  • With Wagmo, getting your claim repaid can be done as fast as one day for wellness and 3-5 business days for accident/illness (direct deposit, Venmo, and PayPal reimbursement), after the claim is approved
  • They also offer 5% multi-pet discount which is very ideal for those with 2 or more fur babies
  • It's an excellent alternative to pet insurance because you can customize your plan and ensure coverage even for emergency and catastrophic care for accidents and illness.
@meetwagmo Wagmo covers vet exam fees, vaccines, bloodwork, medications, grooming & more💵 Start customizing your wellness plan today at✔️ #pettips #pet #wellness #lifehack #save #money #annual #coverage #Wagmo #HowDoYouWagmo #foryoupage #fyp ♬ Airplane Mode - Instrumental - limbo

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