Keep your baby’s stuff clean and free from harm by using this versatile and innovative sterilizing dome

In just a few minutes, it gets your baby’s bottles ready!

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  • Ultra Clean: Eliminates 99.9% of all household germs in under four minutes.
  • Versatile Innovation: Two height adjustable pegs accommodate different bottle and accessory sizes
  • Universal Fit: Conveniently fits into the majority of microwaves on the market today.
  • Easy Grip: Unique heat-resistant rubber handles
  • Baby Safe: Medical-grade materials & BPA and Phthalate free.
Seeing your little ones play with mud is no big deal, but it becomes a different story once you see them eat some dirt. Things like these often happen out of your control. But for the things you can oversee, you should never take chances. Here’s one item we’d like you to try to reduce the chances of your baby eating unwanted objects.

Are you excited to know what it is? Here’s Nanobébé Steam Sterilizer, your all convenient tool for your baby’s safety!

Nanobébé’s Microwave Steam Sterilizer aims to give your baby the best possible safety by keeping baby stuff clean. This product comes in the form of a microwaveable dome with enough space for your baby’s milk bottles, baby food storage, and a few more things that get in contact with your baby’s mouth. Using this will guarantee you 99.9% cleanliness in all your baby’s stuff.

Unlike the conventional sterilization process that requires you to work with hot water, Nanobébé only needs steam to clean your baby’s bottle. What’s even better about this product is it comes with an innovative design and flexible peg hooks for you to place your baby’s things well. With this, you also get to be free from doing much work cleaning your little one’s bottles.

What more features does it have?
  • Safe rubber handle
  • A size that fits most microwaves
  • Free pacifier included
  • Medical-grade material composition

Is it effective?
Absolutely! Not only is this product effective, but it’s efficient as well. Since it’s microwaveable, all you need to do is place it inside the microwave and turn the machine on. Wait for four minutes, and you’re finally done cleaning your baby stuff.


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