Why I keep quitting and coming back again to Hearthstone

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Ah, Hearthstone, everyone?s favorite card-collector/battler, recently announced the next expansion coming to the game in May. The expansion titled ?Whispers of The Old Gods? has awakened my interest in the card-battler again. There are many strong reasons why, some personal and some that are the harsh realities of gaming in the 21st century (by that, I mean overly priced DLC and in-game items).

I love Hearthstone. I have loved it since the day I downloaded it and massacred Lorewalker Cho in the tutorial. I first played the game just a few weeks after full release, long before the first expansion Curse of Naxxramus released. The game was a refreshing and light-hearted take on the card-battler genre I was always somewhat interested in but couldn?t get to play because of the many complexities of games like Magic: The Gathering.

Needless to say, I was instantly addicted to the game. Arena mode was my favorite by far. The thrill I experienced while cooking up decks on the spin encouraged me to be more creative and unpredictable on every other run. Ranked mode was fun too. after all, it was Ranked where all the best players squared off against each other.

However, there was no story mode and I had always wondered what a story mode for Hearthstone would be like. And then, to my surprise, a story/adventure mode was announced?and that?s where it all went wrong for me. The expansions came fast, one after the other, and I couldn?t keep up. I was being embarrassed in nearly every match in Ranked mode because I didn?t possess the latest cards. To even think of keeping up with the meta was outlandish because it required hours and hours of preparation and practice. Slowly, every casual player was relegated to Arena mode. I have to mention, most card packs and expansions are also not cheap. You have to spend some real hard cash to be a bonafide collector in the game. And this was something I was not willing to do. I had to delete the game and I thought I was never coming back.

I maintained that view until I heard about Standard mode and the new expansion. Now, with the introduction of Standard Mode, only the two latest decks released can be used in Ranked mode whereas a special ?wild? mode will cater to those looking to experiment with all sets of cards in Hearthstone. This has made the game less complicated and given some direction to the experience of Hearthstone.

Whispers of the Old Gods looks exciting too, so I have decided to give the game another go. Maybe a little simplicity is what Hearthstone needed. Let?s see how it works out in the future for those looking to enjoy Hearthstone without its many complexities.

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