Katy Perry New Single ‘Rise’ Is A New Swipe At Taylor Swift? Listen, Download Link

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Katy Perry?s new single ?Rise? was released amid the drama surrounding her alleged rival, Taylor Swift. The timing of the 31-year-old hitmaker have led some to wonder if she is somewhat reviving their long-running feud.

Her first song since 2013, Katy Perry?s ?Rise? was shared on her Twitter page in the late hours of Thursday, July 14. It will reportedly be the official soundtrack to Summer Olympics 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, which will broadcast on NBC this August.

The dark-haired beauty talked about the track in a video message aired on the Today show yesterday. She explained that the current tragedies happening all over the world has led her to speak up via the song.

“Now more than ever, there is a need for our world to unite. I know that together we can rise above the fear ? in our country, and around the world,” she said.

Listen to Katy Perry?s new single by watching the official video here:

However, some cannot help but wonder if the surprise release of Katy Perry?s new single was somehow related to how she has been dragged in an ongoing feud of Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift.

The 32-year-old DJ admitted that his infamous ex-girlfriend has indeed written his summer hit ?This Is What You Came For.? The Scottish musician pointed out that Taylor Swift had used a Swedish pseudonym Nils Sj?berg in order to keep her involvement a secret, so he was quick to defend himself when there were reports that the 26-year-old got hurt that her contribution was not mentioned.

In a Twitter rant earlier this week, Calvin Harris scoffed how the former country crooner turned pop diva is just ?off tour and needs someone new to try and bury, like Katy.?

Soon after she was mentioned by Calvin Harris, the ?Fireworks? singer posted cryptic tweets seemingly hinted at a Taylor Swift ? Katy Perry feud part two.

One was a GIF of Hilary Clinton making exasperated expressions, then suddenly smiling and shrugging.

However, the more obvious reaction was her retweet of own post from May 2015 ? which was when Taylor Swift released her alleged Katy Perry diss song, ?Bad Blood.?

?Time, the ultimate truth teller,? the original tweet read.

Taylor Swift has been the subject of criticisms for her surprise romance with actor Tom Hiddleston, whom she was photographed making out with last June. Some wondered if Taylor Swift cheated on Calvin Harris with the ?Thor? star, since the kissing photos were released just two weeks after their split.

The controversy has even fueled chides of a possible new single between Katy Perry and Calvin Harris, as if to taunt Taylor Swift amid all her ongoing drama! While waiting for that collaboration, those from ?Team Katy? can first enjoy Rise. To download Katy Perry?s new song, click here.

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