Katy Perry New Album Teaser: Hints New Music Will Be Catchy and Experimental

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The Katy Perry new album might be here before we know it. Fans have long been waiting for a follow-up to Prism and it looks like the pop diva finally has time to take care of it. Our favorite is definitely back at the studio and is ready to work on new songs.

Perry took to social media to tease fans about her new music. The singer posted two short clips from a studio just this weekend. The clips were shared by several fan accounts.

The first clip shows Perry while a track with her singing the lyric “Don’t be scared to…” plays. She was smiling to show that she colored her tooth with a permanent marker. Perry obviously colored one of her teeth for fun. But she must feel remorseful now that it won?t come off.


The other clip, which of course caught the attention of fans too, focuses on instruments. Background vocals can be heard. It seems these clips were uploaded as some sort of assurance that the Katy Perry new album is definitely coming.

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Katy Perry New Album Release Date

However, there is no official release date for the highly anticipated album yet. The album that?s expected to be released soon will be Perry?s fifth album. Fans can keep their fingers crossed that its release date will be announced one of these days.

Perry recently tweeted that 2017 is going to be “tight af.? Based on her tweet, some fans have theorized that her new album won?t make it this year. There are only a few weeks before 2017 anyway. Perry?s new album is not too far off.

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Perry reportedly said she is not rushing. Based on the Twitter clips, Perry?s new music will most likely be experimental. And we may count on it being catchy as usual.

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What are your expectations for the Katy Perry new album? Share us your thoughts through the comment section below. Keep checking here for more entertainment news and updates.


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