Katie Ledecky Feels No Pressure At The Rio Olympics 2016? Coach Says She ?Doesn?t Care? If It?s The Olympics

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Whenever people ask her if she feels pressured, which happens to her most of the time, she would shake his head and roll her eyes. Nineteen-year-old Katie Ledecky certainly feels no pressure for the Rio Olympics 2016. Being the youngest member of the U.S. Olympic swimming team, Ledecky proves that success doesn?t come with age. She currently holds three individual world records and is an early favorite in Rio. Ledecky shares it is all about setting goals.

Bruce Gemmell, Ledecky?s coach shared that she does not care in a positive way. The coach revealed that the young, accomplished swimmer does not actually mind that it is the Olympics that she will compete with as she gets excited about everything she does. She feels the same level of enthusiasm whether she is dealing with a championship meet at home or in her high school.

Ledecky obtained gold in an 800-meter freestyle at the London Olympics. It looks like her “I don’t care attitude in a positive way” is an advantage for her as it allows her to compete in any level and is able to do good consistently.

It was also stated that Ledecky and her coach have been working towards this meet for years. Gemmell said they have one simple goal and that is to swim fast. The focus is to swim fast, always.

Gemmell and Ledecky first met at the 2012 Olympics. Back then, his son, Andrew, was on the 2012 Olympic team.

Her father, David Ledecky, revealed through Vogue magazine that her daughter allotted at least 30 hours every week for her training in preparation for the Rio games. Mr. Ledecky exclaimed that the swimming sensation does not have a lot of time spent on land.

According to Ledecky’s mentor, her strength is not in any physical attribute, nor in any specific technique. Her strength actually comes from the burning desire in her heart to do what she needs to do for her to be better.


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