Katie Holmes Pregnant With Jamie Foxx’s Baby?

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx love story is not fake, as per the latest report. The couple is seriously in love. Celebs say Katie Holmes is pregnant with Jamie Foxx?s baby.

Because of the pregnancy, they are likely to get married ?in a secret beach ceremony in Hawaii. According to Inquisitr, Katie and Jamie?s relationship is official now. They started dating after Foxx and Cruise worked together on the same film project.

Recently, Jamie was spotted with a mystery woman. Looking at the photo, the rumor mill claimed that he broke up with Katie Holmes or cheating her. Former ?Real Housewives of Atlanta? star Jordan had confessed that revealed her friend Jamie is dating the mother of one, according to Radar Online. She had told that Jamie ?is very happy with his girl. But recently Jordan confessed that she ?misspoke? about Jamie?s relationship.

“I’m learning as I navigate through this business that, you know, your business is your business. Outside people don’t really have a place to speak on your business, and they shouldn’t, including people that know you, because it can be taken the wrong way,? Jordan told ET.

Katie has not commented anything about rumors. In an interview she was asked about her dating life. ?Katie refused to answer.

Jamie Foxx wants to keep his private life away from media. He has a daughter, but he never revealed the identity of her mother. “I like to stay quiet, you know, with anyone that I’m dating; that I’m really,really dating. If there’s somebody that you’re dating, the worst thing you can do is let that [points at camera] touch you. Because once that camera touches you, [it’s out]…You have to make sure it’s real. We don’t take time to do that anymore,? Jamie said.

Are Jamie and Katie trying their best to hide the relationship?

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