Katie Holmes Could Not Accept Matthew Perry: Is She Still Loving Jamie Foxx?

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Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is not in a relationship with Matthew Perry. Matthew approached Katie, but she rejected his proposal politely. Both are working on the project ?The Kennedys: After Camelot?.

?Katie was thrilled when she heard that she was going to be working with Matthew, and they got along great, at first. They would talk about old episodes of Friends in between takes,? a source told Star Magazine, according to Deccan Chronicle.

The same source also shared that Katie tried to let Matthew down gently, but he remains hopeful. He is feeling that Katie will change her mind. However, Gossip Cop has claimed that Star?s report is baseless.

Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Are Not Together?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx were having different thoughts about their future. Initially, Jamie was interested in marriage. ?But later he asked Katie to postpone the wedding date. Katie did not like Jamie?s plan.

She wanted to get married and have a kid. After knowing Jamie?s opinion about marriage, she canceled the wedding plan. A source said that Katie started feeling insecure about her relationship with Jamie Foxx. she definitely wouldn?t want to raise another child on her own, as she?s been forced to do with Suri since she left Tom Cruise.

Recently, Jamie Foxx was spotted with a mystery woman. The rumor mill is saying that she is Jamie?s new girl.

Jamie has also rejected Jamie-Katie relationship rumors. ?He said that Katie is his friend. ?I like to stay quiet, you know, with anyone that I?m dating; that I?m really,really dating. If there?s somebody that you?re dating, the worst thing you can do is let that [points at camera] touch you. Because once that camera touches you, [it?s out]?You have to make sure it?s real. We don?t take time to do that anymore,? Jamie confessed.

Is everything over between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx?

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