Kate Middleton?s Sister Pippa Gets A Costly Engagement Ring: Know More About Pippa?s Engagement Ring!

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Pippa Midddleton

Kate Middleton?s sister Pippa Middleton is wearing an engagement ring, according to news circulating about her. Pippa?s engagement ring costs more than ?250,000. As per the latest updates, Pippa?s ring is more expensive than Kate?s engagement ring.

“Size-wise, Catherine’s is larger ? a whopping 12-carat Ceylon sapphire surrounded by about 14 brilliant cut diamonds. Pippa’s, on the other hand, is estimated at three to four carats in total. So not only the carat weight but also the millimetre ‘footprint’ of the ring is much smaller.,? Elle Hill, co-founder of high-end fine jewellery e-tailer Plukka, said.

Elle also revealed that Kate and Pippa?s rings are the best quality ornaments. However, Pippa?s ring looks better on the finger, stuff.co.nz reported.

James Matthews And Pippa’s Love Story

Pippa and Hedge Funds manager James Matthews? marriage will be in 2017. Before that, he wants to give a surprise to his fianc?. He will give that ?surprise? on Pippa?s birthday, which is in September. James will take Pippa and her family to St. Barth to enjoy the vacation.

In fact, James liked Pippa when he met her for the first time. They stayed in contact. James was secretly in love with Pippa. The eight year age gap is believed to be the reason. However, he didn?t lose his feelings for Pippa even in between Pippa falling in love with banker JJ Jardine. Her name was also heard with cricketer Alex Loudon. She completed her graduation studies and also ended her relationship with her previous boyfriend.

James could not forget Pippa. His brother Spencer Matthews tried to arrange blind dates for James. However, James had no interest in such things. Later, James and Pippa became close to each other slowly. Their friendship turned into love. Pippa?s mom Carole Middleton approved of the relationship.

?It?s all moved very quickly. They?ve been friends for a long time, but James has always been keen. They?ve tested living there and all seems to have gone well. As she was spending so much time at James?s it made sense to keep stuff there,? a source told.

Another source revealed that James is really into Pippa and there is affection between them. Pippa and James spent a few days at St. Barts, a Caribbean island.

Is James a right match for Pippa?

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