Kate Middleton Private Secretary Resigns After 10 Years – Here’s Why

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kate middleton private secretary
PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/Kensington Palace | Kate Middleton’s private secretary, Rebecca Deacon, is leaving her position this summer.

Rebecca Deacon, Kate Middleton’s right-hand woman, is vacating her post after 10 years of service to the royal family, a Kensington Palace representative announced on Tuesday. The Duchess’ secretary is only 34 but she has been working personally with Middleton since 2012, a year before she married Prince William.

“She plans to leave the household in the summer,” the spokesperson said. “Their Royal Highnesses are incredibly grateful for all the hard work and support Rebecca has provided over the past ten years and wish her well in the next phase of her career.”

Kate Middleton Private Secretary Resignation

Deacon has particularly been handling the Duchess’ schedule and accompanying her on official engagements including her overseas tours since her appointment as the Kate Middleton private secretary a few years ago. But while her official role was mainly to assist Middleton, she has eventually become a trusted personal friend.

A source told Mirror that William’s wife sees Deacon as more than a secretary. “Kate increasingly relies on her and trusts her advice,” the insider claimed. “She is a perfect companion because she is similar in age to Kate, is very organized and has lovely manners.” If that’s the case, why would her right-hand woman depart from her duties?


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The Palace has not specified the exact reason behind the resignation. Although its official statement hinted that it might have something to do with her career, there are no available details yet as to what Deacon will do next. However, the most immediate item on her agenda is her wedding later this month.

According to Peopleshe announced her engagement to her fiance, Adam Priestly, over the weekend. They will tie the knot at the Chapel Royal at St James’s Place later this month. It is the same place where Prince George was baptized four years ago. The site says people with a direct link to the royal family can also use the chapel for select occasions; in Deacon’s case, her wedding, which the Cambridges will likely attend.

Kate Middleton Private Secretary: Who Can Replace Deacon?

The Palace has not yet named the person who will fill in Deacon’s shoes. Whether or not they are hiring for the role is unknown either. However, whoever gets the position should expect the job to be competitive.

Last year, the Queen of England’s team posted a position for a Head of Digital Engagement. The role was a full-time social media position based on the Buckingham Palace. The annual salary is equivalent to about $71,000.

“It’s knowing your content will be viewed by millions,” the job description said. “It’s about never standing still and finding new ways to maintain The Queen’s presence in the public eye and on the world stage.” Hopeful applicants will likely need to pass the same standards.

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