Kate Middleton And Prince William Is Not Getting Divorce: Here?s Why

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Kate Middleton and Prince William is not going to file divorce as the couple is all set to become the King and Queen of England.

As per the line of succession, the crown will go to Kate and William. The people of United Kingdom eagerly waiting to see the couple becoming their King and Queen. Queen Elizabeth is absolutely okay about it. Prince Charles is also respecting Queen Elizabeth?s decision. Prince Charles? wife Camilla Parker-Bowles is not happy ?for Kate and William. But Prince Charles is not in the condition to listen to his wife, OK Magazine reported, according to Celebrity Laundry. ?

Prince Charles knows that he must go with the public opinion. Kate and William have already won the hearts of UK people. The coronation ceremony is near. This latest news has debunked Kate and William?s divorce rumors. Kate and William have proved that they are the most loved celebrity couple. Recently the couple celebrated the third birthday of Prince George.

Kate and William also traveled to France and had a good time there. Kate had to meet her relatives there. Prince George and Prince Charlotte also joined their parents. The couple will be flying to Canada soon.

Kate and William are not likely to attend the Rio de Janeiro Olympics this year. But it has no connection with divorce rumors. It’s reported that Kate Middleton is planning to have her third baby. She and her husband do not want to visit Zike prone area. The disease can cause pregnant ?microcephaly, eye defects, hearing loss and impaired growth in newborn babies.

The couple has already conveyed their best wishes to UK athletes in a video.

A few days ago a report had claimed that Kate and William are having a marital issue. ?Their issues are on an even bigger scale, and they?re constantly arguing at the moment about the pressure Kate is under, William?s attitude about it and how to raise their kids. They?re going through a very rocky patch,? a source said. There was also a rumor that Kate Middleton?s lifestyle got changed in these years. She is not living a simple life like before and Prince William was upset over that. All these rumors sound baseless now.

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