Kate Middleton Pregnant With Twins Confirmed?

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Congratulations to the Royal parents Kate Middleton, 33, and Prince William, 33, as a recent report reveals that they are expecting twins again. It seems like the Royal Family will have to make room for the twin stars.

The pair who welcomed Princess Charlotte, 9 months, over the summer. The couple is all set to bring twin bundles of joy to their world. The royal young princess is going to have sisters sibling.

According to “OK!” magazine, as shared by Celeb Dirty Laundry, the 33-year-old Duchess of Cambridge, “is approximately 12 weeks” pregnant.

So many babies in such a short span! Kate and William have found themselves in the midst of another pregnancy rumor. The couple are reportedly expecting twins. It has been reported by a source ??It?s early days, but the buzz in the royals? inner circle is that Kate?s pregnant again, and this time she?s got not one but two buns in the over.? ?They weren?t even trying.? Well, one thing is for sure, if any couple could handle twins, it?s the royal family.

Evidently, Kate found out via sonogram that she was, indeed, pregnant. She forwarded an image to Prince William after finding out. At this point, the Prince immediately called, saying ?You?re joking aren?t you? We?re not really having another baby right now.? That?s when Kate told him that yes, not only is she expecting twins with him but she is already 12 weeks along with these two baby girls.

That?s when the Duchess of Cambridge dropped a big baby bombshell on him. She explained that not only were they having twins, but she was in fact 12 weeks along with two girls. It seems pretty interesting.

Meanwhile, we cannot think of a more perfect time for Kate to share her thoughts regarding childcare. According to The Hollywood Gossip, on February 17, she is going to be a guest editor in The Huffington Post. One of the topics to be given focus is the mental health issues of children.

It is nice to know that in the midst of her busy life, Kate Middleton still finds time to speak out on important issues like this. There remains no doubt that she is a great mother and most importantly a great human being.

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