Kate Middleton Pregnant With Third Child? Real Or Not? The Answer Is?

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It?s just been four months since Kate Middleton gave birth to Princess Charlotte and rumours?about her being pregnant with the third child are already doing the rounds.

According to a report published by hollywoodlife.com, a close source from the Royal family?has given a statement stating, ?Kate has only just had her second baby, but she?s already?thinking about number three! She definitely wants a third baby by the time she?s 35. That?way she can have even more before she?s 40.?

The source has further added, ?Kate grew up with two siblings, so she likes the idea of?having another soon. But to be honest, she doesn?t want to stop there and has talked about?having 4 children before she?s all done.?

Quite recently, Kate was supposed to join William at the All Saints Church in Thurlestone,?South Devon, for the wedding of socialite Daisy Dickson and estate agent Bear Maclean.?However, William, who is an old friend of the groom, turned up only with sister-in-law Pippa?Middleton.

While on one hand, reports suggest that she has been missing from gathers due to her?pregnancy; reports also suggest that Kate is also suffering from postpartum depression after?giving birth to Princess Charlotte in May that has led her to skip royal duties.

According to a report mentioned by?huffingtonpost.com?recently when Prince William spoke to the reporters, he said that the last few days have been tricky and Kate is suffusing from acute morning sickness. ?Not just that, he even said that things are in the early stage right now.

However, according to a report by gossipcop.com, the reports of Kate?s third pregnancy are false. Even?though a while ago, Prince William had given a statement saying that they have just had their?second baby and one can?t predict the future.

It may look like Prince William has dropped hints but we guess it won?t take too long for the?real news to break the internet. Let?s wait and watch.

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