Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors: Is She Expecting The Third Baby?

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Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors are swirling around once again. As per the latest update, Kate is expecting her third baby. Is that true? Here you can check out the rumors about Kate?s pregnancy.

A magazine has claimed that Kate is expected to have a baby this Christmas season. She is supposedly four months pregnant now. William and she are overjoyed.

Queen Elizabeth was happy after hearing about Kate?s pregnancy. An insider said that Kate and William do not mind whether their third baby is a boy or a girl. They already have one of each, so they just want their next child to be healthy.

The royal family has not released any official statements to confirm Kate?s third pregnancy. No one has spotted her baby bump either. So, it’s really difficult to believe the pregnancy rumors.

This is not the first time Kate encountering pregnancy rumors. Earlier, it was reported that Kate wants to have three kids just like her parents. Kate has a brother and sister. She had told her friends that she would like to have three kids because it would give a better family environment to Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Kate and William do not want a nanny to raise their baby.

?They?ve always sworn they didn?t want their children being raised by nannies, And although they know that having twins will make it harder for them to handle the night feedings and diaper changes, they?ve vowed to do their best,? a source said.

The Duchess of Cambridge was not seen in St. Patrick?s Day celebration. So, rumor mill claimed that Kate is taking rest in the palace since she is pregnant. However, Kate debunked the rumor by taking an India-Bhutan trip. Prince William is too concerned about his kids. He does not want to have the third kid without proper planning.

?William doesn?t want George and Charlotte going through some of the experiences he went through growing up. Everything he does regarding his family is very deliberate. The Queen and the Prince of Wales have given their blessing for William to live this life, and William is very grateful. It?s enabling him and Kate to raise their family in a way that?s as close to ordinary as they can get,? a source said.

Kate gave birth to Prince George on July 22, 2013, while she gave birth to Princess Charlotte on May 2.

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