Kate Middleton, Pippa Feud Brewing? Sister Won?t Invite Duchess In Wedding Party?

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Kate Middleton And Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton is not having a good relationship with her sister Kate Middleton lately. Pippa is said to hate Kate?s judgemental attitude, and she iis not willing to see Kate in her wedding party. ?

Is the feud real? Does Kate really have a bad attitude?

Kate is feeling that her royal image is helping Pippa. She doesn?t want that to happen in future. A source has revealed that Pippa Middleton?s engagement re-ignited an old feud with her royal big sis, Kate Middleton. ” After years of private drama, clashing views about courting attention and fresh concerns about a wild brother-in-law-to-be, Pippa doesn?t want Kate in her wedding party, During a heated discussion, Kate expressed how unhappy she is because of James ?uncouth? family connections. She believes they will try to cash in on the royal family. Kate goes out of her way to portray herself as the perfect princess and is petrified the fame-hungry Pippa is going to ruin everything,? an insider told InTouch Weekly, according to ?Gossip Cop.

Royal family fans are comparing Pippa?s engagement ring to Kate?s ring. As per the previous report, Pippa?s engagement ring is highly expensive. It was bought from ?Robinson Pelham. There Pippa?s wedding is the widely discussed topic in the UK at present. Pippa doesn?t want her marriage to be compared her sister?s wedding. ?

Pippa Middleton?s Wedding Is Near?

Pippa is all set to tie the wedding knot with James Matthews, the manager of ?Hedge Fund. Both have a great passion for sports activities. ?

The couple wants to have ?a summer wedding. ?Pippa and James had spent a few days at St. Barts, a Caribbean island. ??She?s over the moon as she definitely didn?t expect an engagement so soon! While there is talk the wedding could be next year, Pippa has always been keen that her own nuptials are very different to her sister?s,? a source said.

James Matthews has decided to settle down with Pippa after the wedding. Sometimes back it was reported that James had plans for a first-floor extension to the five-storey, stucco-fronted property, which he bought in 2014. He wanted to build a bathroom above the kitchen. The bathroom will have vanity basins for James and Pippa. There will be two dressing rooms and a master bedroom.

Do you feel Pippa will lead a happy life with James Matthews?

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