Kate Middleton And Prince William Debunked The Divorce Rumors: The Royal Couple Is Together!

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Kate Middleton And Prince William

Kate Middleton and Prince William are not planning for divorce. The royal couple of UK has successfully debunked the divorce rumors by taking a foreign tour.

Kate and William traveled to France a couple of days ago. An ?8 million Cessna plane carried the royal couple to France. The Duke of Westminster is the owner of that aircraft. He had lent it to the couple a long time ago.

The Duchess also wanted to visit her relatives. The couple was accompanied by their kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, according to Daily Mail.

Kate Middleton and William have also planned a Canada tour. ?The Duke and Duchess are delighted to be returning to Canada. They hold very happy memories from their visit in 2011 ? their first overseas tour as a married couple. They are really looking forward to seeing other parts of this beautiful country and having the opportunity to meet many more Canadians along the way,? a spokesman for Kensington Palace said.

All these are the strong pieces of evidence to believe that Kate is leading a happy married life with William. A couple of days ago, few tabloids had reported that Kate and William were not in good terms. They did not mention the reasons for the marital issue.

?Their issues are on an even bigger scale, and they?re constantly arguing at the moment about the pressure Kate is under, William?s attitude about it and how to raise their kids. They?re going through a very rocky patch,? a source said.

Kate and William often encounter divorce rumors. A couple of months ago, Kate Middleton had skipped Easter Sunday Church Services, which is an important ceremony for royal family members. A rumor claimed that Duchess wanted to get separated from her husband and that?s why she ignored the ceremony. Kate was also absent at the St. Patrick?s Day celebration. ?The Princess presenting the St. Patrick?s Day shamrocks is the well-known tradition in England, but Kate broke that 115-years old tradition. A publication had reported that Kate?s husband Prince William went to Kenya to attend his ex-girlfriend?s, Jecca Craig, wedding. Kate was upset because of that.

Do you feel Kate and William are trying to hide their marital disputes from media?

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