Kasi Bennett, Usain Bolt?s Girlfriend Looks Set to Leave Him

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Usain Bolt?s long-time girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, looks ready to drop the Jamaican superstar trackster faster than he can clear any finish line.

This, following the scandal of Bolt?s wild night of partying at a local club during the Rio Olympic Games 2016. Bolt has made sports history with his phenomenal triple triple feat. And as such, he deserves a break and a grand celebration. Sad to say though, the respect he?s earned in his sport, has been squandered overnight with his wild celebration.

With booze and women falling freely all over Bolt, it appears he caved in to temptations. Multiple images of Bolt?s grand night of debauchery are already out. The athlete was spotted grinding with multiple women throughout the night.




Photos of him making out with different women are also out. And the most publicized of all, his leaked photos of obvious infidelity with the local student and widow, Jady Duarte.

Duarte already regrets the night of infidelity that occurred with Bolt when their photos went viral. She said that ?It?s very negative. I never wanted to be famous, I?m dying of shame?.I?d rather not talk about it to not complicate it.?

With Bolt?s wild night of infidelity all out in the open, many are waiting to see the response of Bennett, his long-time girlfriend. Bennett has not released a formal statement on the matter, but she?s already taken to social media to share her thoughts and frustrations on the incident.

Bennett recently favorited a message on Twitter saying, “@usainbolt you traded your life with a #goddess, for a one night fling with someone who will never even come close. I can’t.” Having looked at both images of the two girls, we have to agree with Bennett.

Although she doesn?t directly say she?s leaving Bolt, we can all read between the lines.

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