Kasedo Games’ Crowntakers: A New Strategy RPG for PC,Mac and Tablets, Heading Your Way Soon!

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Looking for a new tactical/strategy role playing game?

If so, then you will be interested to know that there is one heading your way very soon. This is in the form of Crowntakers, developed and created by Kasedo Games and Bulwark Studios. It?s already in its final development stage, and with the preview trailer that was just recently released, it appears that the game will really entertain and interest gamers out there.

The game?s play style is kind of similar to a board game, wherein the environment comes with some sort of hexagonal patterns. Basically, what this means is that every aspect of the game, whether combat or movement, is turn-based. This also means that players would have to carefully lay out their plans of action. One of the game?s features expected to be quite enjoyable is that both the enemy and the environment will be generated in a procedural manner. Each and every game session that will be played will vary, a feature that increases the replay value of the Crowntakers.


Below is a list of the most notable features of the game.

  • Set in a fantasy world that is impressively beautiful
  • Turn-based strategy game meets role playing game
  • Every time that the game is started, the encounters and the environments are rebuilt, something that will definitely encourage players to make various plans and different strategies
  • Over 8 procedural environments that range from castles to mountain passes
  • 9 different mercenaries can be hired to combat bandits, knights, and wildlife
  • Archers, wizards, scouts, and other characters come with unique class skills
  • It is packed with alternative endings

All of the features that you may be looking for in a great RPG and turn-based game are included in Crowntakers. You can expect the need for your characters to level up, learn new spells, acquire new abilities, and equip them with much stronger gear among many others. The additional hire-a-mercenary aspect of the game also makes it all more interesting.

Image Source: Kasedo Games

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