Karbonn A50S: Is a ?26 Smartphone Smart Enough?

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Karbonn A50S (Image Credit
Karbonn A50S (Image Credit

Karbonn, an Indian brand of smartphones, recently launched a nice and modest looking smartphone model called A50S. Though it may not be able to pull you away from Apple?s iPhones and Samsung?s high-end Galaxy series, it gets the job done. The best thing about it is, it is for sale for Rs 2699 or roughly ?26!

The funny thing is, its availability in the UK online is causing a little stir from the people with the fact they they might be being overcharged for ?500 for stuff from Apple, Sony, Samsung or even HTC. Is this the case?

It wouldn?t take you too long to get the picture in your mind that, obviously, this smartphone from Karbonn isn?t going to be of any match to either iPhone 5S or Galaxy S5 in terms of features, but the fact that you can get 20 of this Karbonn smartphones for a price of a single high-end phone is something.

So how and why do they do this?

Long story short, there is an extremely huge demand for low-cost phones in India that even Samsung managed to squeeze it ?with their Galaxy Star, Nokia with their Nokia X, and of course, Karbonn?s wide range of ?neat smartphones, especially A50S, which is half the price of a?Nokia X.

Is it worth getting?

That depends on the person, and if the move is an ?upgrade? from, most probably, a Nokia phone that they?ve been using for more than a decade now.

With a 3.5-inch display, a 480×320 resolution, a 1.2Ghz Mediatek Dual-Core processor, 256 RAM, 512 Internal Storage and a 2.0-megapixel camera, this is still a bang for the buck. Again, this would only be a good phone if you are looking for an upgrade, which is hardly the case with countries like the US, UK and other non-developing countries.

A50S might not be the best phone to get if you?re looking for a phone that you?ll be impressed with (aside from the price), and it?s good to know that higher-end phone prices keeps falling down with time.

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