Kanye West Rushed to Hospital after Epic Onstage Rant; Is Kanye Mentally Ill?

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Kanye West

Kanye West has taken a strong decision to head for the ?Saint Pablo Tour,? leaving his?kids?and wife, Kim Kardashian. While Kim had wanted Kanye on her side because she hasn’t been?able to overcome the trauma from the robbery, he still left.

Avoiding his wife has come with a cost and nobody knows better than Kanye West. West was admitted to an LA hospital on Monday afternoon after a show meltdown. The singer was admitted amid growing concern about his health.

A medical emergency for Kanye West and family

Officer Kevin Maiberger at the LAPD reported the incident by saying, ?At 1:20 our officers responded to a call. We determined it was a medical emergency and did not require a police response and the Fire Department handled.?

Meanwhile, after reporting West?s health concern, Officer Kevin handed the matter over to the LA Fire Department. The authorities took the matter into their own hands and escorted the singer safely to the hospital.

The LA City Fire Department took West from his home?and?put him under observation. He made the decision to be hospitalized by himself and that?s for the sake of his own health and safety.

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kanye West

Saint Pablo Tour canceled

Suddenly, Kanye has stopped his concert just after singing three songs and an odd rant. He also wanted to end the concert and cut the?remaining Saint Pablo tour. But the major concern was his health and his safety.

Before the Paris robbery incident, the Saint Pablo Tour was already previously planned. Even if?Kim wanted Kanye?to be on her side, he still?continued the tour and wanted to move on from the horrific event almost taking marriage towards an alleged divorce.

The family has yet to overcome the shock of the unfortunate Paris robbery. Now, there?s a new hazard-in-waiting for the Kardashians. Stay tuned to TheBitBag for more updates on Kanye, Kim, and entire Kardashian family.

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