Kanye West Releasing ?Life Of Pablo? On iTunes? Kim Kardashian hints ?Surprise? is Coming

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It seems that Kanye West is finally working on his much awaited album release, ?Life of Pablo?. The news was shared by Kim Kardashian-West saying he?s actually busy in preparing a ?surprise? release. Fans are taking it as a hint of his upcoming album, ?Life of Pablo? and it is coming to iTunes.

The 38-year-old singer had previously vowed that his new album will be released on Apple music services, however Kim Kardashian have contradictory belief. She said the album will be released on iTunes, as reported by Hollywood Life.

The 35-year-old Television Personality was chatting with Khloe Kardashian on a live stream on her app and website, KimKardashianWest.com on Mar.10. Khloe asked Kim about the latest record not being released on iTunes, for which Kim answered that it was ?getting mixed and mastered now? and some surprises are in line but she is not intended to give anything away. She assured that the album is coming soon.

Pitchfork reported that Ye had tweeted on Mar. 9 that he is currently working on the ?final mixes? of Life Of Pablo. However, it is uncertain that Yeezy could be preparing it for iTunes or a physical release ? or both?

While Time noted that Kanye on Mar. 7 might be considering the album release to made through streaming instead of CDs.

?I was thinking about not making CDs ever again?Only streaming,? Kanye said.

According to HollywoodLife?s source, Kanye will be meeting his legal team to ?discuss the possibilities of starting legal action against the torrent site, Pirate Bay.?

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