Kanye West Fade Video Is Religious, Not Sexual? Here’s The Surprising Theory

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Kanye West Fade Video
Kanye West Fade Video

Kanye West Fade Video got everyone’s head spinning during the VMAs on Sunday. It all started when Kanye was given four minutes to make his speech. Surprisingly, he was able to keep it short and sweet. He tackled everything from Taylor Swift, gun violence and his Famous video.

The Yeezy moment came after his speech when he premiered his latest Fade video. The video starts with him and Teyana Taylor doing a Flashdance in a gym. During the latter part though, she can be seen getting it all hot and steamy with real life beau, Iman Shumpert of the Cleveland Cavaliers. The two of them ends up with a baby at the end. They’re all surrounded by sheep. Right.

A lot of people were baffled by this and even had a couple of what the…? moments. But here are a couple of theories that might help.

Religious Connotation

The Kanye West Fade Video at the onset is highly sexual. With just a g-string and a bra, thrusting and gyrating, it is sexually aggressive. But then look at the last part when they are shown with the baby and the sheep at the end.

The vid seems to convey that a woman’s body not just only acts as a sexual object for pleasure, but more importantly, it is something that brings life into this world.

The last part also hits close to home for Taylor and Shumpert for the couple welcomed their child in December. This was done by daddy Shumpert in the bathroom. It was just the three of them, just like the last scene in the video.

The sheep can portray a religious image, as Kanye often brings this up in his work. This “Lamb of God” can be a representation of Christ. This makes the ending of Fade about birth and rebirth. As for the lion make-up, Kanye will just have to reveal that one someday.

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