KanColle Anime Movie Update: 4Dx, MX4D Screenings To Watch Out For In February

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KanColle Anime Movie
KanColle Anime Movie

Kantai Collection: KanColle anime movie’s official website announced on Sunday that it will have the 4DX and MX4D screenings in Japan beginning February 11. Kadokawa gave out the list of theaters screening the film.

Fans will definitely have a blast with the 4DX or MX4D systems. Some theaters have motions seats that are in sync with some action sequences going on onscreen. Other special effects like wind, scents, and mist will also be featured.

The movie opened in Japan on November 26. It sold 70,000 tickets for more than 100 million yen (around US$856,000) on 60 screens in its first weekend, and ranked top 5 during its weekend debut per

Shinichiro Inoue reprised his tv anime series role as chief production supervisor for the movie, and Keizou Kusakawa made his comeback from the anime series to direct the movie at diomedea. Kensuke Tanaka came up with the original plan and concept. He penned the script alongside Jukki Hanada.

KanColle Anime Movie Roots

KanColle is a 2015 Japanese tv anime series by Diomedea. It’s based on the game of the same name created by Kadokawa Games. The series release was announced back in September 2013. It aired 12 episodes on Tokyo and MX and KBS and later on other TV stations from January 8 and March 26, 2015. The animated film KanColle: The Movie was shown on November 26, 2016.

The Plot

The anime series tells the story of Fubuki, the main character. The storyline is told based on her point of view. The fate of humanity is threatened by an abyssal fleet that has taken over the seas. Special human girls armed with skills, beauty and weapons are the only ones capable of fighting them off. They live at a naval base spending every waking hour training for battle.

Fubuki arrives at the base where she meets the other girls. Even if she does not have sufficient combat training, she was recommended to the Third Torpedo Squadron by its admiral. She quickly finds herself thrown into battle. She gets rescued by Akagi from a tumultuous situation. Here, Fubuki does her best in order to train. She hopes to eventually be able to fight alongside Akagi.

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