Kakashi?s Face Reveal Cause Fans to Swoon, See Their Reactions

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Kakashi's Face

Now that the world has seen Kakashi’s face?(after waiting for more than ten years!) every Kakashi fan has now found closure and peace of mind. It?s no surprise that memes and tributes would flood the internet because of this Naruto milestone we?ll never forget. Here are the best ones:

Belcorno is famous for drawing LatteArt (Art on Coffee). Here?s a video of Kakashi?s face being drawn on coffee: Kakashi [Naruto] by Belcorno


This cosplayer says: My husband (Kakashi) finally showed his beautiful face to the word so of course I had to dress up as him.

Kakashi's Face Kakashi's Face

Here?s a cute doodle tribute by Chiou!


Girls seeing Kakashi?s face for the first time be like:

No wonder why ramen guy and his daughter blushed after seeing his face – ?as seen on episode 101. These 2 were the only ones who saw Kakashi?s face prior to the revelation episode, 469.

Celebrities are dragged into the Kakashi craze too!

Why does Kakashi Hatake always wear a mask?

In an interview, Naruto creator, Kishimoto Masashi replied that he saw ninjas as ?mysterious?. So he made Kakashi wear a mask. Kishimoto omitted the idea with the other characters because it was too difficult to display emotions when you can?t see a character?s entire face.

Fans in discussion boards say that the real reason for his mask is that:

  1. Kishimoto cannot draw more than 3 faces (an accepted practice in most anime / manga due to the artists? style). This is very evident with every prominent male character in the Naruto series. Their only distinguishing looks are either facial markings, hairstyle or headgear. With regard to Kakashi, it is his mask and headband.
  2. It also makes it easier to draw Kakashi. Since his debut, Kishimoto knew Kakashi was going to be one of the biggest character in the series. Therefore, giving him an easy face to draw must have saved Kishimoto a significant amount of hassle.
  3. Kakashi was trying to hide his mole.

What was your reaction after seeing Kakashi’s face?? Let us know in the comments section below.

“Naruto Shippuden” Episode 470 air date is scheduled this coming August 4, 2016.

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