Kaby Lake Intel Leaked Slides Show Possible Key Features Of New Processor: What We Know So Far

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Key features of Intel?s next in line Kaby Lake processors series were revealed through the slide leaks of an Intel presentation.

Intel 7th generation Kaby Lake processor series will be based on 14nm architecture same as the recently released Skylake series. Intel claims Kaby lake will deliver ?increased Core performance?. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich had claimed Kaby Lake would be build upon the foundations of the Skylake architecture but with key performance enhancements.

According to the slides leaked to Benchline, major overhaul in the Intel Kaby Lake series will be the graphics. The new processor will provide support for hardware acceleration in 10-bit VP9 playback and 10-bit HVEC encoding and 5K video resolution at 30Hz and 60Hz for display. This will likely boost speed for 3D graphics and 4K video playback to give ultimate gaming and video experience to the users.

The new Intel 200 chipset will provide support for Kaby Lake and as well the 6th generation processors. The new chipset will feature up to 30 PCle lanes, 24 of which will be PCle slots for GPU and add-in cards while the rest 6 will support SATA 3.0. This is yet another improvement over the Skylake series that only supports 24 PCle slots. The Intel 200 chipset will also support up to 10 USB 3.0 ports. The new CPU supports Intel Optane Technology, Intel Real Sense Technology, Intel Ready Mode technology and as well as Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Intel will retain LGA 1151 socket same as used in the Skylake processors that would allow users to upgrade to new processors without switching their motherboards according to a report by DigitalTrends. Kaby Lake processors will be compatible both with Intel 200 series and Intel 100 series chipsets. ?The processors will likely come in 35w, 65w and 95w power brackets.

Intel unveiled its Skylake series processors in August 2015 and also confirmed the delay of its Canonlake 10nm processors which won?t release till late 2017. Kaby Lake series will likey debut in late 2016 according to the Motley Fool.

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