The K2 Episode 16 Eng Sub, Recap; Ji Chang Wook And Yoona Bid Fans Farewell

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Screenshot from TVN’s official YouTube page

The K2 episode 16?s English subtitled clip has been released online. To recap TVN?s action-drama, Ji Chang Wook and Yoona were able to get a happy ending.

The two played Kim Je Ha and Go An-Na respectively. The latter is the illegitimate daughter of a presidential candidate named Jang Se Joon. His wife, Choi Yoo Jin, hired Je Ha to be her stepdaughter?s bodyguard.

The K2 episode 16 recap

To recap The K2 episode 16, Je Ha was problematic over the disappearance of An-Na. He drove to Cloud Nine upon learning that there was a bomb, which Sung Won threatened to diffuse.

Yoo Jin asked Se Joon to bring the mysterious memory card to Cloud Nine for them to track An-Na. Je Ha eventually found the heiress using CCTV cameras. The male lead single handedly beat up the goons of Gwan Soo.

An-Na?s father and stepmother eventually arrived at Cloud Nine. This was where Yoo Jin admitted all her past mistakes and plans to her husband, who was shocked. She then admitted to the consortium that the memory card was with her.

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Shocking turn of events

Sung Won did not give up so easily and took An-Na hostage. In a shocking turn of events, the aspiring politician?s secret daughter was saved by her stepmother.


In the end, Yoo Jin chose to save Go An-Na | Screenshot from TVN’s official YouTube page

Unfortunately, Yoo Jin got shot while trying to save An-Na. Right before the bomb was about the blow up the building, she tearfully told everyone to escape and save themselves.

Everyone reluctantly escaped. However, Se Joon decided at the last minute to come back for his wife. He and Yoo Jin shared an emotional embrace as the bomb went off.

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The K2 ended with Je Ha and An-Na at a romantic vacation. The female protagonist was also able to inherit her father and stepmother?s fortunes. She also decided to discard the memory card and move forward from all the ordeals they went through. ??

All the emotions and action can be seen at The K2 episode 16?s English subtitled video at the end of this story.

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Yoona and Chang Wook thank fans

To celebrate the show?s ending, Yoona and Chang Wook had an impromptu fan meet over the weekend. They treated some of the show?s most avid fans to coffee, specifically to thank them for the reported good ratings.

Watch The K2 episode 16?s English subtitled clip HERE and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates on your favorite K-dramas.

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