The K2 Cast Member Yoona NOT Satisfied With Her Latest Korean Drama; Girls Generation Star Talks About Ji Chang Wook

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Screenshot from TVN’s official YouTube channel

The K2 cast member Yoona talked about her recently concluded Korean drama. The Girls Generation star, who starred alongside Ji Chang Wook, revealed that she is not fully satisfied with the turnout.

TVN casted the 26-year-old as Go An-Na, the secret daughter of a presidential candidate. The mysterious death of her mother caused her to blame herself and be withdrawn.

She eventually resurfaced amid her father?s bid for the presidency. This is when she fell in love with her stepmom?s hired bodyguard, played by Ji Chang Wook.

Why she accepted the role

The show?s racy plot and political theme raised concerns for those who got stuck with Yoona?s Girls Generation image.


Yoona at a Girls Generation show

Compared to her other Korean dramas, The K2 was more complex and action-filled.

However, the singer-actress said that this is exactly why she accepted the role. ?I wanted to do something different,? the pop performer said.

Yoona described her previous roles as ?candy-like characters who are bright and optimistic.? Korea Times reported that she was attracted to An-Na?s contrast from her past roles.

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?Not satisfied?

Still, the female protagonist admitted that she has several regrets about how she performed in The K2. ?There are many scenes that I think I could have done better,? she said.


Screenshot from TVN’s official YouTube channel

Yoona narrated how she thought she ?gave her all,? but ?was not satisfied? when she watched the show herself.

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How Ji Chang Wook helped

However, Yoona shared that her kissing scene with The K2 cast member Ji Chang Wook turned out ?better than she expected.?

?I was so worried if the awkwardness between us was [obvious],? she said. ?I was relieved that people told me it looked natural.?


Yoona and Ji Chang Wook | Screenshot from TVN’s official YouTube channel

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She and Ji Chang Wook apparently did not know each other too well yet when their romantic scenes were filmed. However, the 29-year-old was supposedly ?very supportive? and ?tried to humor? her a lot.

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