?The K2? Cast Ji Chang Wook Dating Yoona Of Girls Generation? ?Six First Kisses? Star Speaks Up

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Screenshot from TVN’s official YouTube page

The K2 cast members Ji Chang Wook and Yoona of Girls Generation sent fans swooning over their recently concluded K-drama. In fact, their chemistry raised rumors that they would make a good couple, which the Six First Kisses star finally addressed.

The two?s TVN series ended earlier this month. Ji Chang Wook starred as a bodyguard of a presidential candidate?s secret daughter. The 29-year-old actor was commended for his performance, especially in the show?s action sequences.

Unfortunately, the girly image of Yoona in Girls Generation made some viewers doubt her portrayal of a very complex character. Several commenters on social media said that the series? political theme might have been too heavy for the pop star.


Screenshot from TVN’s official YouTube channel

The K2 cast?s undeniable chemistry ?

Mixed reviews aside, the chemistry of The K2?s lead cast was very evident throughout its 16-episode run. Kim Je Ha and Go An Na had a lot of sexy romantic moments, which many viewers praised.

Both stars recently shared details of her first kissing scene. According to them, they were not very close yet when the sequence had to be filmed. However, they just ?rushed? their getting-to-know-each-other phase. This resulted to what many said was a ?very believable? first kiss for Je Ha and An Na.

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Dating in real life?

Because of their closeness, speculations rose about how they would make a good couple in real life.

Ji Chang Wook recently talked about having a romantic relationship in his recent interview with Kpop Herald.


Screenshot from TVN’s official YouTube page

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Unfortunately for The K2 fans, he is seemingly not interested in dating his 26-year-old leading lady ? at least for now.

“I really want to date, but I have to fulfill my military obligation,” the Hallyu heartthrob said. “So, dating probably won’t be good for me and my partner.”

What?s next for The K2?s cast?

Aside from his military duties, Ji Chang Wook is also expected to get very busy with acting projects. This includes his role in the highly-anticipated web drama Six First Kisses. Actors Lee Joon-Gi, Park Hae-Jin, Lee Jong-Suk, 2PM?s Taecyeon and EXO’s Kai will also star in the project. It has been dubbed by fans as a Meteor Garden remake because of its big cast.

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As for Yoona, the singer-actress has expressed her desire to make up for her mediocre performance in The K2. Aside from possibly doing more K-dramas, she is expected to get busy with Girls Generation shows this holiday season.

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