Justin Trudeau: Coolest Moments That Show Why He Is Nailing The Prime Minister Role

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Since being sworn in as Canada?s 23rd prime minister, Justin Trudeau has become more famous than ever ? and for the coolest reasons. Less than a month into office and he?s already making an impact not just among Canadians, but the rest of the world as well. Here?s why:

First speech

And on ?We Day? in Ottawa, the prime minister rallied over 16,000 students and delivered his first speech to the youth of Canada in a call for mobilization to develop local and global communities. ?At an event like this you?ll have a lot of people coming up on stage, talking about the future and how you are all leaders of tomorrow,? Trudeau said in his speech, according to CBC News.

?But I don?t want you guys to think of yourself as leaders of tomorrow. ?We Day? is not about you becoming leaders tomorrow. This is about you being leaders today,? the prime minister added, inspiring the children. ?You don?t have to wait until one of you in this room, and I know at least one of you is out there, becomes prime minister, to make a difference.?

Photo with Scott Brison

Just as we thought, Trudeau is still getting in the act of taking photos with babies even if the campaign is finished. Evidence of that is the latest photo of him, posted on Facebook, holding a baby with the family of Scott Brison, a gay Liberal MP that the prime minister named president of the Treasury Board, according to Huffington Post.

The photo was posted by Laurent McCuthceon, former president of Gai Ecoute and Fondation Emergence, a group that focus on the well-being of LGBT people, and a longtime activist. ?Congratulations to Scott Brison, the new president of the Treasury Board, and Maxime St. Pierre, father of twins, Clair and Rose?? McCuthcheon wrote in French.

?A PM who doesn?t shy away from calling himself a feminist, who not only takes a photo with a gay couple (one of whom controls the country?s purse-strings) and their kids, but is proud to do so!? one comment shared on Facebook.

Interview with Peter Mansbridge

And in an interview with CBC’s Peter?Mansbridge, Trudeau makes a lasting impression on the reporter when he ribs Mansbridge about him feeling like their singing a camp song.?”Well, maybe that’s your experience on a bus Peter, but a lot of people take the bus everyday to go to work,” Trudeau said. Watch the video here.

Cool facts about Trudeau

For those of you who want to know the truth behind Justin Trudeau and what he did before he decided to become the leader of Canada, here are some interesting facts you might not have known.

He would be the second youngest prime minister of Canada, beating incumbent Stephen Harper who was elected at age 46 in 2006. The youngest Canadian prime minister goes to Joe Clark who was 43 years old when he beat Trudeau?s father. Another facts is that his father had an established relationship with the former U.S. president Richard Nixon. And during a state visit to Canada in 1972, Nixon gave a toast to the very young Justin and predicted something that would eventually come true for him, according to the Toronto Star. ?Tonight we?ll dispense with the formalities, I?d like to toast the future prime minister of Canada, to Justin Pierre Trudeau,? Nixon said. Read more cool facts about Canada’s Prime Minister by checking out this link.

Canada will surely thrive with Justin Trudeau around to help them any way he can. So what do you think about Justin Trudeau as the Prime Minister of Canada? Sound off in the comment section below.


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