Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez News: Is She Depressed Amidst Social Feud With Her Ex?

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Amid their social media feud, Selena Gomez seems to be keeping something inside of her. Rumor has it that no matter hard how she tries, she can?t get over her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, and it makes her feel depressed. It could be really hard for the ?Hands to Myself? singer that they are not in good terms now. Worse, it looks like Bieber had totally moved on with his new girl, Sofia Richie. It could make the depression she?s going through get worse every single day.

A friend close to Gomez supposedly revealed that her friend wanted to meet someone new but she just couldn?t because of her attachment to Bieber. It is too difficult for her to move on and fall in love again. She would wake up and be depressed all day.

Speculations claim that Gomez still care about what Bieber is doing. She would still dream about him all day. Unfortunately, it looks like Gomez still yearns for her former beau.

Gomez is also regretful about having been involved with all the social media drama that revolved around her and Bieber recently. According to reports, she wished she had just said it privately and regret is kicking in for her doing otherwise. It was an emotional decision and she wish it didn?t happen.

The social media feud between Bieber and Gomez had started when the latter publicly scolded her ex-boyfriend. She did so when the ?Sorry? singer threatened to make his Instagram page private. He hit back and so war had taken place which the majority of social media users seem to enjoy.

Before the said public fight with her former love, Gomez had posted a depressing post on Instagram. She had described herself as unauthentic and stagnant. She also talked about the necessity to rethink some areas in her life.

Reports claim that Gomez?s sudden sadness comes as a surprise. She would post Snapchat events as she bonds with her friends, but she abruptly had a downward spiral in her emotions. For now, we could only hope that she will be okay soon.


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