Justin Bieber ?Purpose? and One Direction ?Made In The AM? Leak, Fans Dismayed

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Two of the most anticipated pop albums have leaked with only a few days left before their official release dates.

Justin Bieber?s ?Purpose? and?One Direction?s ?Made In The A.M.? were leaked in a few stores on November 7. This is Justin?s first album in three years and One Direction?s last before their long hiatus next year.

According to Twitter users, the albums were seen on the shelves of Walmart and Target.


The two fandoms don?t always get along but this time they?re rallying behind their boys for a common cause.

A rumor is also spreading that albums sold before the actual release date will not contribute to the first week of sales.

Justin and the boys of 1D ??Harry Styles,?Liam Payne,?Louis Tomlinson?and?Niall Horan?? have been relentlessly promoting their albums all over the world.

Aside from the monstrous hit ?What Do You Mean?, Purpose features a more mature (and absolutely addicting) sound from the Biebs, one that?s infused with EDM courtesy of Skrillex and Blood. The dance video for ?Sorry? garnered 10 million views just 24 hours and featured the ladies of ReQuest and The Royal Family Dance Crews from New Zealand?s The Palace Dance Studio while the more recent and slower track ?I?ll Show You? is a confession of sorts with lyrics that go Sometimes it?s hard to do the right thing / When the pressures is coming down like lightning?/ It?s like they want me to be perfect?/ When they don?t even know that I?m hurting.

Meanwhile, 1D fans have been eagerly anticipating ?Made In the A.M.? because of the gorgeous solo shots in black-in-white?for the album?s individual covers that make the British pop group?s fifth studio album a true collector?s item.

Fans have expressed their disappointment when a couple of songs were leaked online, which were unveiled at exclusive listening parties held across 10 theaters in the US. They took to Twitter and suggested other things that could?ve leaked instead by using the hashtag ?#ThingsToLeakInsteadOfTheAlbum?

Both albums drop on November 13.

What do you think about Justin and One Direction?s albums being leaked and sold early? Sound off in the comments!

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