Justin Bieber ‘Purpose’ Album: Artist Comes Out With 13 More Music Videos (Watch)

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Are you still obsessing over the dance video for Justin Bieber?s ?Sorry?? You can feed it further with a new music video for ?What Do You Mean?? featuring the same cool crew members of ReQuest, The Royal Family, and more.

Not to mention the 12 other dance videos that the 21-year old singer released on Saturday for songs on his recently released album ?Purpose? with one video released at every hour.

Justin can only be seen in the videos for ?Mark My Words? and the very last titled ?Purpose.? The rest, just like ?Sorry?, feature some of the best modern dancers from around the globe.

?Thank u to all the dancers from around the world who helped us make,? Justin tweeted with a 15-second clip featuring the different videos for ?Purpose: The Movement?.

The video for ?Mark My Words? starts off with footage of Justin preparing for concerts, being chased by fans and a few of his bad behaviour moments while the voice-over appears to be bits from his interviews, talking about how he got caught up in ?me, me, me? and the importance of one?s purpose.

Then it shows him with his arms triumphantly above his head as he stood by a waterfall before cutting to a title screen. It then changes to him singing while standing on top of a gold piano in the middle of the desert garbed in ripped jeans and a jean jacket over an oversized white shirt.

The concluding music video shows the singer back in the desert except this time he is accompanied with a few scantily-clad dancers who cuddle up all over him before he takes off his denim jacket then walks alone in the desert.

Beliebers reacted to the music videos with much love and positivity.

Have you seen all the videos from Purpose: The Movement? What did you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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