Justin Bieber Pisses Ronda Rousey: Pop Star Needs To Watch Out!

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Justin Bieber has just messed with the wrong woman, and it?s not just any woman. Haters of Justin Bieber can now imagine the star getting beaten by Ronda Rousey in less than 34 seconds via submission or knock out. ?Justin Bieber was really rude to my sister at the Cannes Film Festival,? Rousey told Cosmopolitan.

Ronda Rousey, a mixed martial arts champion, has recently revealed that she and her sister are no longer Beliebers after they were snubbed by the artist at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. ?I?m not a Belieber. I was, but I?m not anymore,? Ronda Rousey said after she and her 16-year-old was rudely snubbed by Bieber. How can Bieber not recognize the woman who defeated his best buddy Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the ESPY ?Best Fighter? of the year awards?

What Happened?

Rousey revealed that her sister wanted a photo with Justin Bieber. Rousey encouraged her sister that she could have a photo because numerous other fans were, at the time, taking photos with the star. ?Sure Julie don?t worry about it, everybody?s taking pictures today. Don?t feel bad at all. That?s why everybody?s here.?

Ronda Rousey personally approached Bieber only to be rejected. ?I?ve already taken a billion pictures today. Ok? Bieber told Rousey. Rousey wanted to convinced Bieber to grant her sister?s request because she was the youngest lady at the event, however, Bieber immediately walked-out before she could explain.

Rousey said Bieber almost made her sister cry and because of this, he now dislikes the singer. ?She looks at me and she?s like on the verge of tears and she goes ?I?m no longer a Belieber?. Yeah I don?t think I would want to hang out with him.?

The undefeated MMA fighter will reportedly fight against Holly Holm at UFC 193 in November this year. Meanwhile, in other Justin Bieber related news, the singer might have gotten bad luck as a stolen nude photo of him has now surfaced online.

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