Justin Bieber News: Pop Artist Fails To Recognize Shawn Mendes, Makes Controversial Radio Guesting

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Looks like Justin Bieber has made headlines for the wrong reasons yet again.

The 21-year old singer was recently on a radio show where he was asked about what he thinks of upcoming talent Shawn Mendes. Now we all know that Shaw shot to fame with his first album Handwritten debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 back in April but Mr. Bieber certainly unaware of his existence in spite of the similarities between the two of them.

According to Entertainment Weekly, This news came to light Tuesday when Bieber appeared on a radio show and the DJ asked if the 21-year-old has any advice for 17-year-old Mendes. ?Who?s Shawn Mendes?? Bieber asked. Once it was explained to him who Mendes was, Bieber replied, ?Nice. Nice. Good for him.? Either he?s being serious, or he?s just announcing the follow-up to ?Where Are ? Now? and ?What Do You Mean??

However, the DJ had to tell Bieber about who Shawn was. To which he said, ?No. No, I don?t know him. But I will check him out. For sure,? reports Pop Crush.

Teen Vogue?reports that it?s quite surprising to see Justin not knowing about Shawn since they both belong to the music world even though Shawn does know of Justin. But since Justin is really busy promoting two singles, an album, and himself, and it’s entirely possible that he’s so focused on his own music that it’s hard for him to keep up with every artist he’s heard or has on a radar. But that doesn?t really justify what he said on the show.

All we want to tell Justin is that, boy you must keep up with the news about your competition. As for Shawn, we wonder what he has to say about Justin?s statement about him on the show.

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