Justin Bieber New Nude Photo: Is He Competing with Orlando Bloom’s Full Frontal Pics?

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A Justin Bieber nude photo were recently unveiled by the pop star himself, much to the glee of his fans worldwide. However, the timing of his release fueled speculations that he might be competing with Orlando Bloom, who has been making news lately due to his full frontal naked pictures.

The ?Lord of the Rings? actor was recently photographed while on a vacation in Sardinia with his girlfriend, Katy Perry. The images showed him on a paddleboat with the ?Roar? singer without any clothes on, as seen in the link at the end of this story.

While the 39-year-old movie star has slammed the paparazzi shots over invasion of privacy, Justin Bieber seemingly opted to steal the attention by sharing a revealing photo of himself.

The ?What Do You Mean? singer has been in Hawaii over the past couple of days. He and his rumored new girlfriend Sahara Ray have both been sharing snapshots on social media.

However, it was when Orlando Bloom?s full frontal nude photos started breaking the internet that the 22-year-old decided to share a sexy pic of his own. The Instagram image showed him in a rock pool with nothing but a giant inflatable flamingo covering his private parts.

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His followers got all giddy even though the post is not as revealing as Justin Bieber?s nude photos from earlier this year. Last March, the world was shocked with his fully naked images while on a vacation in Bora Bora began circulating the internet.

The paparazzi shots were taken while he lounged in his villa?s pool. His then-girlfriend Jayde Pierce also appeared in some of the photos. One of the pictures even showed him playing the guitar for her during sunset.

Social media quickly picked up on the brewing competition between the two hunks. People could not help but compare Orlando Bloom?s full frontal images and Justin Bieber?s nude photo since the two have long been pitted against each other. Most of their issues have involved exes Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr, with the latter supposedly being the cause of Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom?s fist fight in Ibiza back in 2014.


Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr have been dragged in Justin and Orlando’s long-running feud.

Do you think that Justin Bieber?s nude Instagram post was meant to compete with Orlando Bloom?s leaked images? If so, then whose side are you on? Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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