Justin Bieber Ignores Selena Gomez’s Apology After Social Media War

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Justin Bieber chooses not to hear anything from his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Gomez posted what appears to be a public apology on Monday night following their social media war. However, Bieber shows no intention of accepting his former love?s apology. Is it too late now to say sorry?

The ?Hands to Myself? singer wrote on Snapchat, saying what she said was selfish and pointless. Exact same words appeared in white texts against a contrasting black background.

Aside from Gomez admitting in public that she could be wrong, rumor has it that she had been trying to personally reach out to Bieber. But the latter keeps on ignoring her.

Bieber had deleted his Instagram account in which he had 77.8 million followers. The singer did so amid his social media spat with Gomez. Heated comments arise in which each party accused each other of cheating. Zayn Malik from One Direction was even involved. Bieber accused his former beau that she was unfaithful with him and the alleged infidelity had something to do with Malik.

It all started when Gomez had questioned Bieber?s love for his fans. Before he deleted his account, he set it to private. Fans were quick to react with his surprising move. One fan assured he lost several supporters the moment he went private. Another fan claimed that they are leaving the ?Sorry? singer.

Bieber did not seem to mind all his fans? comments until Gomez joined the discussion.

Bieber and Gomez were once pop?s dream couple. But it looks like Bieber will opt to neglect Gomez for a very long time. Rumors circulate that the reason Gomez wasn?t able to stop herself from overriding was because she is still in love with her ex. Bieber is supposedly her first real love.

Also, nobody knows if Bieber will reactivate his Instagram account or his 77.8 million could have lost his feeds forever. And could he ever accept Gomez? apology in the future?

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