Justin Bieber Girlfriend: Bronte Blampied Or Sofia Richie?

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As always, Justin Bieber is caught up in a new wave of controversy, this time regarding two ladies, Bronte Blampied and Sofia Richie.

It seems only yesterday that Bieber was so enamored with Richie. Now, everyone is wondering, is Bieber hooking up with Riche or Blampied? It was only last week when Bieber was in Japan for his Purpose Tour. He was photographed numerous times with Richie exchanging kisses and confidently holding hands. Thus, it is believed that Bieber?s current girlfriend is Richie.

But recently, Richie has reportedly been seen looking depressed while she was leaving Barneys New York in Beverly Hills.




It is important to note that Richie?s sad episode all happened a day before Bieber was seen with model Blampied at a nightclub in London. The two partied till four in the morning the next day. They also spent the weekend together. There was no notable public display of affection and the two did actually act civil.

But, we can still only speculate what else happened between Bieber and Blampied. It?s no surprise why Richie would be down in the dumps. Anyone would be taken back to find out if their boyfriend spent the night abroad partying with a model.

But maybe all is not lost for the two. Richie has recently been seen visiting Bieber?s LA mansion last Tuesday. The 17-year-old was spotted wearing a black outfit topped with big sunglasses. It is not clear why Richie had decided to make an impromptu visit to Bieber?s mansion, but we can only guess that there?s still hope from this visit.

Who do you think Bieber?s going to end up with this week? Do let us know your thoughts by adding comments below.

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